Our lines are used for making sections such as “Z” purlin , “C” Channels, Roof Panels, Crash guards, Fenders and any section as per customers specific requirement . Our roll tools are designed by experts and manufactured with utmost accuracy that guarantees accurate production of section.   For section manufacturing which is outstanding in quality and capacity one needs a reliable partner…We at FERRO INDUSTRIES provide roll forming Section Lines with means of production that has been developed based on operational know how and unchanging quality .

We make roll forming section lines of input strip width varying from 700mm to 1250mm and thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 3mm. The raw material for the above said could be mild steel, galvanized steel, color coated sheets, aluminum to name a few.

Roll forming is a process that shapes various kinds of sheets or metals by passing the raw material through number of roll passes driven by gear drive system. Our lines employ a series of paired rollers to progressively shape a flat strip of metal into desired contour such as channel, angle or any other desired shape in the process adding rigidity and strength to the metal.

These sections have wide scope of use in:

Automobile Industry
Steel furniture
Building and construction
Electrical Engineering and many many more.

Our Roll Forming Lines integrate with complimentary equipment such as punching, pressing and cutting moulds into desired production lines.


1 200mm 0.3 to 3 mm Upto 2 Tonnes ColdRolledMildSteel,
Sheets,Pre coated sheets
2 500mm 0.3 to 6 mm Upto 7.5 Tonnes ColdRolledMildSteel,
Aluminum,Galvanized Sheets,Pre coated sheets
3 1250mm 0.3 to 6 mm 10 Tonnes ColdRolledMildSteel,
Aluminum,Galvanized Sheets,Pre coated sheets


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